Staji Fashion: Heaven on Earth 2011 By Tanja Stadler

STAJI is presenting its new all-white collection HEAVEN ON EARTH. 
Conceiving this collection, STAJI mastermind Tanja Stadler had lots of inspiration 
going on as she is convinced that the world is about to undergo a lot of changes soon,changes that will not only affect the economy but our way of living and enjoying.

Tanja's way of looking at things encompasses a thorough study of different cultures and ancient knowledge. She's convinced that humankind is about to develop in way that will be very positive and exciting. "Everything's connected" isn't just a recent scientific discovery to her - it's something she has experienced and believes in. 

Consequently, STAJI's collections are about individuality, about truly expressing yourself, and honestly being yourself. You also can't pigeonhole STAJI designs into categories like casual, smart or evening: Tanja's pieces can be individually combined to fit any purpose you may have in mind.

The key pieces of the HEAVEN ON EARTH collection are slinky dresses with asymmetrical shapes easy to combine or arrange. Tanja has always enjoyed the fact that her collections allow for amazing layer looks offering lots of options to create your own individual look all by yourself.

Photographer: York Hovest | Film: Christian Felder



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